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How Cvent Helps Casinos Succeed With Group Marketing


In its purest form, a casino is simply a place that offers multiple games of chance. The extras like restaurants, free drinks and stage shows help attract customers but the core of a casino is still the gambling activities that take place there.

There’s something intoxicating about stepping inside of a casino. Whether it’s the bright lights, the sound of coins dropping in slots (even though they stopped using them long ago), or even just the smell of excitement, casinos have a way of making people feel good.

Of course, the casino isn’t a charitable organization giving away free money; it has its own built-in advantages that ensure that it and not the gamblers will win in the end. That’s why it is important for casino owners to understand how gambling works, and not let their marketing be driven by emotions alone.

As casino brands strive to stand out from the competition, they need to focus on their unique offerings and what sets them apart from other casinos within walking distance. By optimizing content for keywords that speak to these things, casinos can improve their ranking on search engines and encourage more groups to visit.

One of the best ways to do this is by leveraging Cvent’s Competitive Market Ads and Search Ads that give them top exposure for event planners looking for a casino in their area. This can give a casino major exposure when they are most likely to be considered for group business, increasing their chances of winning that business.