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Casino – The Dark Side of Las Vegas


A casino is a place where gamblers play games of chance for money or other prizes. It is a form of entertainment that has been around for centuries. While it is largely considered a form of entertainment that can be dangerous, it also provides the opportunity to gain an income or even make a fortune.

There are many different types of casinos, but they are generally characterized by their glitz and glamour. They are designed to create a fantasy world and lure players into spending their hard-earned cash. They use various psychological tricks and designs to keep players gambling and coming back, even when they are losing. However, what most people do not know is that casinos are not always fair and the house usually wins.

The word “casino” comes from the Latin word for small room, and they were originally used as social clubhouses by Italians. Over time, they spread to other parts of Europe and were eventually introduced in Atlantic City in 1978. From the 1980s, casinos have been appearing on various American Indian reservations as well as some of the legal states that allow them.

While many movies portray Las Vegas as an oasis of opulence and weekend partying, Casino does a much better job at revealing the dark side of the city’s past. The movie lays bare an intricate web of corruption and ties that extend from local politicians to the Teamsters union, Chicago mob and Midwest mafia. The movie features a great cast led by Robert De Niro as mobster Frank Sheen. Sharon Stone’s performance as Ginger McKenna is equally compelling and makes us feel sorry for these characters, despite their greed and treachery.