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The Best Possible Hands in Poker


Whether you are playing poker for the first time or have a few years under your belt, it is always best to know the rules. In addition to knowing the rules, you also need to know the right and wrong hands.

The standard 52-card deck contains four suits, namely: Ace, King, Queen, and Jack. Each suit has its own rank, and none is higher than another.

Several Poker variants utilize wild cards. A “wild card” is a card that has no suit rank. In some games, the joker may be considered a wild card, meaning that it can be used to make any hand.

The best possible hand in Poker is often called the “nuts”. This is the best hand you can have at the given moment. For instance, trip 7s is the best possible hand, although the best possible straight is 7-5-4-3-2 in two or more suits.

There are other poker hands that are more impressive. For instance, a pair of aces beats a pair of jacks. It is also possible to make a pair of aces with a deuce.

The best possible poker hand may not be the most impressive, though. A “backdoor flush” is achieved when you hit the cards you need on the turn and river.

The best possible poker hand is usually two distinct pairs of cards plus the fifth card. Some games have jokers, which are a pair of aces, as wild cards.

The best poker hand is also the best hand to bet your money on. In Texas Hold’Em, the first bettor is usually the player with the highest poker combination. This is called the ante, and is usually a small bet.